Interested In Becoming An Affiliate?

Are you a computer repair business and need a low cost data recovery partner? We offer a Partner Program with reduced prices and several other perks. Below are the partner program benefits;

33% Average Savings on Tier Pricing 

Clients in our Partner Program pay an average of 33% Less than our standard data recovery pricing tiers. Our Tier One pricing for affiliates is $199, thats a $100 savings that that means more profit in your pocket! (Most other pricing tiers are $99-$150 Less than standard pricing tiers.)

Priority Service

We understand that your clients data is important and a fast recovery time is important in keeping a great client relationship. We strive to ensure that the turnaround time for your clients data recovery is between 2-4 days (times may vary depending on how damaged the clients drive is.) 

Custom Branded Recoverable Files List 

Upon initial inspection of your clients drive, we will email you a comprehensible html list of recoverable files custom branded with your company's name and logo on it. We will always forward any and all information regarding your clients directly to you such as tracking numbers and status updates. (Logos for custom branding must be provided by you or your company)

Recovery Status Tracking 

Stay informed with that status of your clients data recovery process with our customer web portal. In our web portal you will have a list of your current data recovery jobs and any previous recovery jobs.

Low Cost Buy in

Lets face it, data recovery hardware costs thousands of dollars. We made the initial investment so your company does not have to tie up thousands of dollars making it easier for your company to net a return on your data recovery jobs. With a low buy in price of $99 for our Partner Program, you will recover your buy in investment in the very first recovery! (To sign up for our Partner Program, purchase the program below)

If We Cannot Recover Any Of Your Data, There Is No Charge!