$299 Dollar Data Recovery Services


Hard Drives

Most Desktops, Laptops, External Drives, & All-In-One Computers hold your data on a removable hard drive in one form or another. Even if your computer is damaged or non functioning, chances are we can recover your data.


2016-Present Macbooks

2016-Present Day Macbook & Macbook Pro Models do not have removable storage. If your Macbook suffers a catastrophic failure, simply send your entire macbook in and we can recover your data from the dead unit.


Drive Removal Available

Unsure how to remove your computers drive? No worries, simply ship the entire unit to us and we can remove the drive for you and then return the entire unit when we recover your data! (Additional Fees May Apply)

Hard Drive Data Retrieval

Apple/Macbook Recovery

Computer & Laptop Repair


Helping you get you get your data back.

$299 Data Recovery is passionate about getting your data back. For almost two decades we have been at the forefront in the fight against data loss. Since 2006 we’ve successfully recovered data for numerous clients. We have the best equipment and the most knowledgeable staff. Our processes are well-defined and have stood the test of time. More importantly, we have the seasoned recovery engineers with a combined 200,000 hours of professional data recovery experience. We are one of the best in value when it comes to data recovery services with leading edge technology at competitive pricing. We look forward to assisting you get your critical data back.

Hard Drive Recovery


Non Removable Storage MacBooks


Computer/Drive  Repair


Professional Data Retrieval Service...

Hard Drive Recovery - While you might have the urge to search for a DIY solution, hard drive data recovery, like open heart surgery and neurosurgery, is best left to experts with years of experience. On the inside, hard disk drives are extremely delicate. Only well-trained specialists in a data recovery environment have the tools and expertise necessary to successfully repair/recover them. You’ll find these specialists and more at with us.


Non Removable MacBook Storage - Certain model MacBooks & MacBook Pro's have their storage drives permanently mounted onto their logic boards, thus making it almost impossible to recover data in case of a complete failure of your Apple MacBook. We have specialized tools designed to retrieve data from these units, starting at $299! Click on the "Start Recovery" link and submit some information about your MacBook and we will start your recovery process.


Computer/Drive Repair - Have a computer that powers on but will not boot up? Send the entire unit in and we can recover your data and repair your computer at the same time saving you time and money over replacing your computer. We offer a service where we will recover your data, repair your computer and reinstall your operating system and then transfer your data back onto your computer. (In certain circumstances you may need to reinstall your 3rd party software, but rest assured your data for the application will be recovered & restored)

If We Cannot Recover Any Of Your Data, There Is No Charge!